28th SEP 2013 - The Vineyard Church @ 20:15

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Band members

Will Blues

Lead Vocals / Harmonica
  • This is one individual who knows the meaning of being in a Blues Brothers Tribute, emulating the Elwood Blues like character in the original movie and carrying the band forward with his great stage presence and powerful vocal over tones. Will also has a great harmonica playing style adding to the iconic sound of the blues brothers music.

Steve Blues

Lead Vocals, Frontman
  • Steve Blues is our main vocal powerhouse guy with great stage presence and powerful vocals and range, again emulating the Jake Blues like character in the original Blues Brothers movie.

Ant Blues

Bass Guitar and backing vocals
  • One of the founding members of this Blues Brothers Tribute, with his unique bass playing style and vocals, this guy really knows how to be a Rhythm and Blues Brothers member. He has a great stage presence and attitude to live performances, excellent at playing the Duck Dun character from the movie and is guaranteed to always get the audience up dancing and singing along.

Tay Blues

Lead Guitar and backing vocals
  • One of the founders of the Rhythm and Blues Brothers, his characteristic lead guitar playing indicative of the Steve Cropper like guitar style from the movie completes the full package, adding to the groove and feel of the blues brothers music. Taylan has a great deal of experience in playing in live bands and has been a valued member of the band since the very beginning.

John Blues

Keyboards and Organs
  • The keyboard genius from London has every area covered with his great sounding keyboard playing style and Hammond organ sounds, emulating the iconic melody lines found in all of the blues brothers music. John's a great member of the band, always knows how to create a great atmosphere on and off the stage, has bags of ability and flexibility to play almost any style of music.

Simon Blues

  • The ice man, cooler than cool, his dynamic jazzy drumming style and faultless timing is the heart blood and soul of the band. Simon always knows how to groove up a beat no matter the music style or tempo, a great member of the Rhythm and Blues Brothers band, liked by all, excellent stage presence and manner. A real credit to group, not to be missed.

Jamie Blues

  • The smooth as silk sax player with tons of talent and bags of class, always knows how to impress a audience. Jamie's friendly nature and attitude is always a welcome feature of the Rhythm and Blues Brothers Band. His impeccable timing and flexibility help create that typical blues brothers sound whilst making it his own.

Matt Blues

  • The coolest member of theRhythm and Blues Brothers band, has a great trumpet style, emulating many of the popular horn players from past and present. Very versatile, professional attitude, friendly nature and has an excellent technical ability.

George Blues

  • The final member of the band, is George Blues, the towering inferno of slide Trumbone, adding the cherry on the cake for our horn sections sound, his professional attitude to every performance and slick trumbone technique completes The Rhythm and Blues Brothers lineup.